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    Ground Support Device

    Ground Support Device is a kind of auxiliary equipment which can be assembled into XSTO stair climber products. When people take stair climber to carry heavy goods on the ground, Ground Support Device can help stair climber become a four-wheeled vehicle, so heavy goods become easy to move. If people want to go up and down stair, it can be folded (Foldable design), make sure go upstairs and downstairs smoothly. The material of Ground Support Device is aluminium alloy, so it have the advantage of lightweight, novel and beautiful, convenient, high strength, foldable, easy to operation and so on. It can be used for various scenarios of heavy handling.
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    Ground Support Device


electric stair climbers


electric appliance dolly

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Combination method with stair climber



powered stair climbing hand trucks

Applicable to multiple xsto models, such as ZW7170G/E, ZW4170D/4200D, ZW7200.


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