• Lift Moving System

    Lift Moving System

    Lift Moving System LMS is a kind of equipment that can lift and move heavy cargo on the flat ground. Using the hydraulic technique principle, LMS can solve the flat ground movement problem of large cargo. And it can be used perfectly with our product CT420. Application: large cargo lifting and flat moving scene: Sales machines, coffee machines, pianos, large safes, gas cylinders, building materials, engines, safety inspection machines, etc. Can be used as loading and unloading helper of CT420.

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  • Adjustable Stair

    The stair is aluminum alloy made and adjustable. It can be put on loading platform, cars, shelves etc. The stair can be used with the climbing machine which will have better effect. Application: loading and unloading on the truck, platform and shelves

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    Adjustable Stair
  • Transfer Device

    Transfer Device

     It can transfer the cargo to move every direction,and make the move easier especially at the stair corner or narrow space.

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  • Electric Lifting System - ELS420

    This Electric Lifting System ELS420 is a kind of equipment that can lift heavy cargo in different shapes and sizes. The capacity is 400kg which makes it a very practical accessory for heavy load stair climber CT420. With only 9kg/pcs self-weight, It is light and convenient to carry around and has a wide range of applications. Please note that this product does not include a battery, so you need to purchase it separately or use a common battery from other XSTO products.

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    Electric Lifting System - ELS420


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